After three months of knitting, I have finally got round to starting a knitting blog, and it happens to coincide with the start of my first real job as a doctor. I started knitting properly during my finals, as a way of relieving 'stress' (although I don't think I was putting myself under too much pressure really) and spent a ridiculous amount of time looking up pretty knitting needles in the middle of the night and jumping at noises which might mean that my parents had woken up and were about to catch me!

Now I'm living with my husband in London and am disposing of my already huge stash as fast as I can so I can stock up again at the Knitting and Stitch Show! I've got my ticket already and have sufficiently enthused my little sis to convince her to come along as well.

Anyway, in the next couple of days I will be posting my WIPs and FOs (there are a few already) as well as posting some reviews of yarn I have used and links that I've found useful. Please link my blog if you like it!

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  1. NiniePuce said...
    It's amusing. I'm also a Doctor, and I recently finished my studies. ;o)

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