The first thing that happened today was that I left my bag on the tram. It wasn't until ten minutes later, when I was safely on the bus to work that I realised what had happened, and I ended up ringing Mr C in a 'what should I dooooo?' panic, for which he sensibly advised me to call Tramlink and ask them to look for it. This done, I started thinking about what was in there. My PDA. My stethoscope. A ball of wool. Some bamboo dpns. All completely indispensable! I was gutted, especially when they called back and said that it hadn't turned up.

Then, one of my patients (let's call him Mr W) ended up being very sick - so sick that he had to go to theatre for an operation. Without being too technical, he had perforated his bowel because it had become completely obstructed and overloaded with faeces. I decided to go along with Mr W and watch the procedure - an opportunity to learn something and also reassure him that someone familiar was there. For the first time in my life, I scrubbed up (after much prompting from the very nice theatre nurses) and actually got to assist and see things properly. Unfortunately it was not the nicest task considering what the operation was for - his bowel was full of soft stool which had to all be cleared out. The outcome is also not very optimistic but we're hoping for the best.

My other patients all being well, I didn't do much during the afternoon. Ramadan is going very fast because of work, can't believe a week has gone already. My sis will be coming tomorrow for a few hours and I'm going to see if we can get any other people to join us for iftar, as I haven't seen anyone yet, although we now have Dazey and Pink in London supposedly!

Oh, and happily my bag turned up after all and was sitting patiently waiting for me at Tramlink in Croydon. See, Croydon isn't full of thieves and stabbers after all.

works in progress update

Ramadan mubarak all :) it came on a bit suddenly, but so far has been good, Mr C and I have been toddling along to Croydon mosque for Tarawih, which is really nice. It gets very hot and stuffy, but the crowd is very multicultural and the recitation is nice. It also happens to be directly opposite to the hospital I work at, which is very handy. Yesterday there was a kerfuffle (spelling?) outside about half way through the prayer, and once there was a break I had a look outside - there was a whole throng of beardies about to start fisticuffs! It was madness, but thank goodness they all went away...Shahab, my co-house officer, tells me this is common practice in Croydon, and can be over the smallest issue. Where is the unity?? Maybe it's a Croydon thing, I certainly haven't seen a disgraceful scene like that in Manchester.

Anyway, other than that it's good. Hospital life has been eventful, but I keep forgetting to blog when the interesting things happen. We have had lots of lovely patients and some mad ones, such as the man who asked for another two glasses of barium (a foul tasting dye given before x-rays) because it improved his digestion. I am trying to avoid work during Ramadan, but if today is typical, that isn't going to be achievable.

So let me update on my works in progress (or just about progressing, in some cases):

Rowan River

This is going to be a present for my mother-in-law, so for goodness' sake don't any of you go telling her. It's quite an easy pattern, but scarves and shawls always get rather boring. The redeeming factor is the gorgeous Kidsilk Night as showcased below.

See isn't it pretty? I want to finish it before Eid so I can give it as a present, so I'm making myself do 10 rows every day. Not done today's yet, so will have to go and do them in a bit. The pattern isn't very obvious without blocking, but it's a zigzag going all the way along the shawl. I'm going to block it to death after knitting so it's nice and wide.

I have lots more stuff to put on but for some reason blogger is not letting me upload any more pictures so I'll try again tomorrow.

Btw much qudos to Jughead for her Knitsoc at Manchester Uni! Get a blog or a website going asap so we can find out what you're doing..and make sure you buy some good magazines and pattern books with your membership money so I can benefit :)

I *heart* Graham Rawle

If you get the chance, check this book out (I found a copy at Waterstone's):

It's a graphic novel, and the entire text of the book is made up of words and phrases cut and pasted together from 1960s magazines. It hurts your eyes after a bit, but it all surprisingly makes sense and is a really funny and interesting read.

I haven't got the book with me, but there are some really great lines which I love. The protagonist is a total bimbo but I'm only 20 pages in so not quite sure where it's all going yet.

Graham Rawle's website is worth a look too - is it just my bizarre sense of humour or is this actually quite funny (see below)?

I was thinking of buying one of these Lost Consonant print things, thinking they were a very reasonable £2.00. Of course, they are actually £200 each so I might have to pass.

Coming next: A post about Blythe, my favourite plastic gal pal!

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