I *heart* Graham Rawle

If you get the chance, check this book out (I found a copy at Waterstone's):

It's a graphic novel, and the entire text of the book is made up of words and phrases cut and pasted together from 1960s magazines. It hurts your eyes after a bit, but it all surprisingly makes sense and is a really funny and interesting read.

I haven't got the book with me, but there are some really great lines which I love. The protagonist is a total bimbo but I'm only 20 pages in so not quite sure where it's all going yet.

Graham Rawle's website is worth a look too - is it just my bizarre sense of humour or is this actually quite funny (see below)?

I was thinking of buying one of these Lost Consonant print things, thinking they were a very reasonable £2.00. Of course, they are actually £200 each so I might have to pass.

Coming next: A post about Blythe, my favourite plastic gal pal!

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  1. tails of a mad cow said...
    wow, i love this blog! keep it up Lady Bountiful, I have now joined the addictive world of knitting.
    I need to have a stash though...

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