We've been in New York for the past two days, and have mainly been spending time with our new scrumptiously fat little cousin and ticking off our many compulsory purchases while stateside. We all set out, baby cousin included, to Ellis Island but when we got off the metro it was pouring with rain. We spent most of the day with wet feet and our pictures were a bit on the dreary side, but it was still a bit surreal seeing the Great Symbol of freedom in person. In the end we wimpily opted out of further sightseeing for the comfort of new dry socks and went home.

My poor aunt has been inundated with parcels which I ordered while back at home. In fact I myself am a little overwhelmed by the vast amount of yarn I accumulated - it IS mainly knitpicks and thus bargain basement prices, but even so. You'll see what I mean soon. And tomorrow we are planning to visit Purl, who knows what excesses so great a temptation will lead to.

In unrelated news, I have no job and may end up in East Angular or some such place..most likely Gillingham in Kent, if I can persuade the deanery I must be within commuting distance of London. Which I do need to be, if Mr C and I are not to be torn asunder. The other options are unthinkable - Plymouth, Cornwall, Jersey and the Isle of Wight.

I can't wait until I get my DSLR! Am trying to decide between a D40 and a D40x (if it's out by next week) - I've been playing with my sister-in-law's D50 and I love it..my photos turn out a hundred times better and I don't even know how to use any of the functions yet! And luckily, my Wollmeise parcel arrived today, providing great photo opportunities...This yarn is just so beautiful I feel like it would be wrong to wind it into a ball...

sock yarn

tiny and very cute samplers

More photos on Flickr. I feel like I've been at work forever, which I have almost - I've put in 48 hours since Friday morning! Working on a weekend is always a bit strange, because the hospital is eerily empty, especially at night. I got some interesting calls - there was one poor man who managed to fracture his hip when he lost his balance on the way back from the toilet, and a really brave lady who was dying but with immense dignity and patience. On Friday I was called to see a man who was threatening to jump out of the window, and it turned out that it was a patient I had seen over Christmas who had been given an antidepressant which unfortunately had the effect of making him incredibly anxious. I spent a lot of time talking to him and his family, who for some reason had remembered me as their 'nice little doctor' from the previous admission...it's amazing how a small encounter can really make a difference to people when they're sick.

Mr C bought me some flowers on Friday, which was a very nice surprise. I tried to get a picture but the DSLR was making my eyes go funny so I didn't persist for too long.

Knittingwise, Forecast is finished and the photo is below, full post on the KAL (I'll link later). Unfortunately the weather is just too good at the moment to wear it! I'm halfway through the Butterfly front, and am working on the LMKG Child's Placket-Neck Sweater for my cousin in NY, which needs to be finished by Friday. Will post them all once they're done..but for now I'd better get on with knitting them.

and PS. Kudos to Jug and Fudge for their production at the Royal Exchange. Pictures please?

I failed again!! 5 minors and 1 major, which was going over a crossing when people had started walking on the other side of the road. I do realise that this is an Unforgiveable Sin in the eyes of most driving instructors so knew I failed, but it's still a disappointment. I had a vision of being 'surprised' by Mr C with a shiny new car on my return from New York but it is not to be.

Proper blog later.

I'm in at work half an hour early today, trying to make reparations for the small oversight of forgetting the consultant's post take ward round yesterday. I was supposed to be in at 8am to see all the new patients, but instead I was battling with the wretched Butterfly pattern (it happened to be the only day in weeks I was actually up at 6 as well). She was, as expected, practically foaming at the mouth and proclaimed that she was 'absolutely furious' and basically told me to get out of her sight, which is always nice first thing in the morning.

What made things worse is that I thought I had lost the assessment form she had done for me last week, and if I had to ask her again it would have been less than glowing. Thankfully I found it at home - I was contemplating going through the recycling bin in the office this morning but I see the bag's been changed anyway so it would have been lost forever.

Just finished reading Arthur and George by Julian Barnes. I highly recommend it - I think it would be a great period drama as well if the BBC could be persuaded. The fact that the eponymous Arthur was actually Conan Doyle escaped me for the first forty pages but I got there in the end. I also went to see Music and Lyrics with Pink and Dazey last night which was pretty funny, despite the very disturbing Cora character.

The Forecast sleeves are finished - i just need to figure out how to seam them properly! My first attempt was definitely dodgy, and after spending weeks knitting I'm not going to ruin it with poor finishing.

I am also no longer NIPSA on Flickr! NIPSA is the Flickr equivalent of being a social reject. Your photos don't even show up in searches. I can't imagine why they did this to me...makes me feel just like George must have. Please click on my flickr badge at some point, and check my photos out.

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