I'm in at work half an hour early today, trying to make reparations for the small oversight of forgetting the consultant's post take ward round yesterday. I was supposed to be in at 8am to see all the new patients, but instead I was battling with the wretched Butterfly pattern (it happened to be the only day in weeks I was actually up at 6 as well). She was, as expected, practically foaming at the mouth and proclaimed that she was 'absolutely furious' and basically told me to get out of her sight, which is always nice first thing in the morning.

What made things worse is that I thought I had lost the assessment form she had done for me last week, and if I had to ask her again it would have been less than glowing. Thankfully I found it at home - I was contemplating going through the recycling bin in the office this morning but I see the bag's been changed anyway so it would have been lost forever.

Just finished reading Arthur and George by Julian Barnes. I highly recommend it - I think it would be a great period drama as well if the BBC could be persuaded. The fact that the eponymous Arthur was actually Conan Doyle escaped me for the first forty pages but I got there in the end. I also went to see Music and Lyrics with Pink and Dazey last night which was pretty funny, despite the very disturbing Cora character.

The Forecast sleeves are finished - i just need to figure out how to seam them properly! My first attempt was definitely dodgy, and after spending weeks knitting I'm not going to ruin it with poor finishing.

I am also no longer NIPSA on Flickr! NIPSA is the Flickr equivalent of being a social reject. Your photos don't even show up in searches. I can't imagine why they did this to me...makes me feel just like George must have. Please click on my flickr badge at some point, and check my photos out.


  1. fudgebumpkin said...
    OK, now I feel sorry for you.

    Your boss sounds mean.
    nas said...
    orrible consultant
    nas said...
    orrible consultant
    Atia said...
    oh she likes me again so it's ok :)

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