Take a look at my new shoes (courtesy of Mr C). They are completely delicious, but totally impractical.

Note the heel! 4" skyscrapers

Only problem is that they hurt, quite a lot. How much pain is too much?


Etsy is bad. But also completely wonderful. I just placed an order for the most beautiful things in the whole world, all handmade by the lovely etsy sellers. Jug and I are planning to set up an Etsy shop soon, we just need to get our ideas in order and make some beautiful things now. I bought some stuff from the Etsy version of One Good Bumblebee and some absolutely gorgeous roving, as I really want to try spinning in the near future. I might just venture out to the Handweavers Studio and see if I can get a drop spindle to try it out. I can't wait!

I've been enjoying my lovely annual leave (imagine! being paid for taking holidays..how ingenious) and have been doing not very much really. I've been knitting a bit, surfing a bit, and kind of sort of doing some exercise for a change. Although exercise is somewhat pointless if your sister-in-law brings back Cinnabons from her trip to Dubai! Went to my Arabic class yesterday, and I'm quite sure that I've actually regressed rather than improving over the past couple of months..maybe I just hate grammar.

The knitting group has slightly fallen by the wayside, maybe that's because the alternate weeks thing needs a bit of thought. It might be better to have it the frst Wednesday of the month or something similar, so that people know it will definitely be on when they turn up rather than wondering whether it is or isnt on that particular week. Next week it's definitely on and I will be spreading the word!

Enough internet now, my back hurts. That stupid Etsy!

This week I:

- booked tickets to New York - I love Delta airlines! Not only are the tickets a bargain, but you also get an unbelievable 45kg weight limit EACH..and I am going with two sisters and my mum :) Only six weeks to go...(which reminds me, must check my passport)

- went from this...

...to this.

- finished the body of Forecast which is looking great! I'm a bit worried I'll run out of yarn though, which would be a bit of a pain as I probably won't be able to match the dyelot again..I knit the bottom ribbing using 5mm needles instead of 3.5mm as suggested, partly in an attempt to use less yarn! It still needs some blocking though.

- knit furiously to try and finish a scarf that Mr C's granddad (known as Nana) asked for. It's made with DB Cashmerino Superchunky and he specified that it had to be 9 inches wide and 'tight weave' so is being knit on 7mm needles...the pattern is from someone's blog but I can't remember who! I think Yarnharlot.

- discovered the true horrifying madness of my stash (some of which is being sold off to make room for stuff from NY):

What a morning! Got up slightly late (7.45am, usually leave the house at 10 past 8) and decided I would take my time and catch the later tram. The trams were delayed anyway, so I decided I was going to make some progress on my second Slip up Sock which I started yesterday. Got on the tram, carried on knitting. Got to East Croydon, looked up, then continued knitting. Took the finished first sock from my bag to admire it and compare with the second, then put it down only to realise the tram had started going BACKWARDS, so I was basically back on my way home again. Of course I got off in a big hurry, leaving the finished sock I know not where, only realising about fifteen minutes later when I was on a different tram.

Obviously there are many other things of far greater intrinsic value that I could have lost, for example my phone, PDA, stethoscope or purse. But it's still very very annoying to lose that damned sock! It was the first one I ever knit! And also its far too embarrassing to ring up Tramlink lost property and ask them if they've found a sock! I just about managed to send them an email, but I simply will not talk to a real live person about it, to have them laugh at my loss would be just too much.

So I was late to work, minus sock, and I've just found out that my lovely projected trip to Spain/Morocco in March is now off because I can't get annual leave at the same time as Mr C. Life is hard.

Edit: since then, I found out I failed the pharmacy exam for the THIRD time (!) and will have to resit it again...and by far the most enjoyable event of the day - I was taking blood from a patient using a butterfly needle and after much gentle persuasion and coaxing we managed to a) convince him to let us take blood ('what is this a punishment for? what did I do to deserve this?') and b) take the blood (it was really difficult). I pulled back on the syringe plunger and the stupid thing popped right out, so all the blood went all over me! All down my scarf and trousers...I was covered in it. It's amazing how much mess 5mls of blood can make. Spent the next half an hour washing it all out and am now sitting in damp clothes.

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