This week I:

- booked tickets to New York - I love Delta airlines! Not only are the tickets a bargain, but you also get an unbelievable 45kg weight limit EACH..and I am going with two sisters and my mum :) Only six weeks to go...(which reminds me, must check my passport)

- went from this... this.

- finished the body of Forecast which is looking great! I'm a bit worried I'll run out of yarn though, which would be a bit of a pain as I probably won't be able to match the dyelot again..I knit the bottom ribbing using 5mm needles instead of 3.5mm as suggested, partly in an attempt to use less yarn! It still needs some blocking though.

- knit furiously to try and finish a scarf that Mr C's granddad (known as Nana) asked for. It's made with DB Cashmerino Superchunky and he specified that it had to be 9 inches wide and 'tight weave' so is being knit on 7mm needles...the pattern is from someone's blog but I can't remember who! I think Yarnharlot.

- discovered the true horrifying madness of my stash (some of which is being sold off to make room for stuff from NY):


  1. fudgebumpkin said...
    wow, that is quite a stash!

    if there are any cheap ones, i may be interested...
    genie said...
    my bob that did not look so extreme when I went to your house! No wonder poor Mr C keeps trying to put his foot down..
    btw I got my knitted muff back from the bus depot after leaving it on the 197 within 2 hours. You too should make a friend of the Lost Property Dept.
    tails of a mad cow said...
    yes the alternate week thing always gets messy.

    Anyway - Who went to dubai? Cinnabon! yummy, im jealous! But i'm not allowed to have any sugar anymore for my teeth's sake!
    ray said...
    what's a cinnabon? A cinnamon bonbon?

    Anyway, I'm partially using this comment to tell you that I have done another POST, on that MEME that u tagged jug with who verbally tagged me.
    Louise said...
    blimey, I am interested to know whats the oldest stash item you have - it is just a couple of months old, or a couple of years? You have a lovely selection of colours. Lx
    Atia said...
    the oldest item in the stash is about 9 months old..that's all its taken to build up that collection!

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