Etsy is bad. But also completely wonderful. I just placed an order for the most beautiful things in the whole world, all handmade by the lovely etsy sellers. Jug and I are planning to set up an Etsy shop soon, we just need to get our ideas in order and make some beautiful things now. I bought some stuff from the Etsy version of One Good Bumblebee and some absolutely gorgeous roving, as I really want to try spinning in the near future. I might just venture out to the Handweavers Studio and see if I can get a drop spindle to try it out. I can't wait!

I've been enjoying my lovely annual leave (imagine! being paid for taking ingenious) and have been doing not very much really. I've been knitting a bit, surfing a bit, and kind of sort of doing some exercise for a change. Although exercise is somewhat pointless if your sister-in-law brings back Cinnabons from her trip to Dubai! Went to my Arabic class yesterday, and I'm quite sure that I've actually regressed rather than improving over the past couple of months..maybe I just hate grammar.

The knitting group has slightly fallen by the wayside, maybe that's because the alternate weeks thing needs a bit of thought. It might be better to have it the frst Wednesday of the month or something similar, so that people know it will definitely be on when they turn up rather than wondering whether it is or isnt on that particular week. Next week it's definitely on and I will be spreading the word!

Enough internet now, my back hurts. That stupid Etsy!


  1. peanut said...
    yay yay yay! we are SO setting up an Etsy shop soon.. It'll be a thing of beauty! We should make a product list of possibilities..
    sleepy said...
    oh and maz and i realised how cool it is that we're going to a country where they speak English- spares us that much headache..
    Ajnabi_Ladki said...
    ooh can i join your knitting group? I want to really really learn.
    Atia said...
    yep jug we will do so as soon as possible! also of course you can join our knitting group next one is on Wednesday - just email me for more info
    Ajnabi_Ladki said...
    ooh what time wednesday? I was about to email you but I cant find your email address on this blog anywhere. Am I missing it? Do I need to get needles? And if so, any ideas where from? :)
    Atia said...
    my email ad is, just get in touch and i'll fill you in
    Ajnabi_Ladki said...
    I emailed you, but I've not had a reply as yet, so I'm guessing you're busy. If you can email me tonight it would be great cos then I can sort tomorrow out :)
    Its (in case i got sent to ur junk mail folder, lol)


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