FO: Rowan Clyde from Magazine #38

I made this gorgeous little bag and took it to Designer Dentist's mehndi at the weekend (congrats on a lovely wedding btw!) - it didn't go with what I was wearing but I wanted to show it off :) It was very easy to knit - I think it was done in a weekend, and it was also an excellent first felting project. Since I started knitting, I've been planning to felt something, but discovered that no-one in the house knew where the washing machine instructions were. Everyone just shoved the clothes in and set the machine to '4', whatever that stood for, and things seemed to come out fine. Anyway, after several fruitless and bootless phone calls and emails to Ariston, I found the manual after all, and successfully felted the bag pieces. This is more than can be said for the R2 Fuzzi Felt clutch I made, which I unsuccessfully tried to dye and felt. Despite supposedly being designed for felting, it came out looking exactly the same as it did going in. I've decided it's just going to have to be a dustcloth instead. Anyway, here are the pictures of the Clyde bag:

...and a more detailed picture of the flowers

Pattern : Clyde from Rowan Magazine #38

Yarn: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran, Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply, Kidsilk Haze

Beads were from Ebay (size 8/0 silver lined amethyst seed beads) and fabric for ribbon from John Lewis. If you're in John Lewis on Oxford Street, there's one which has been made up on display and it looks beautiful.

coffee break

I can't believe this - I actually have a break for the first time in the middle of my working day..what bliss. The past week I have hardly had the time to eat or sit down other than to do paperwork. On Tuesday night I did my first on-call, which was terrifying. My SHO (Senior House Officer) was around until 9pm so that was fine, but from then til 1am I was totally alone, and getting bleeped left right and centre about sick patients! We have one who is a bit loopy and she was trying to assault patients and steal cigarettes from them, so I wrote up some sedation for the first time.

I was having a Venflon (those plastic things that go in your veins so drips can be put up) block during my finals, and was a bit nervous about doing them for real as the doctor..and in fact couldn't get them in until yesterday, when I magically got two in, both first time! Apparently, the trick is to make people think it's their own fault if you can't get them in, by going in and shaking your head and telling them they have bad veins :) so now you know.

Rowan 40

Checked out the new Rowan magazine today (No. 40) in John Lewis. Nothing really caught my eye except for this beauty:

It's a whole ball gown made of Kid Silk! I'm sure this must be absolutely beautiful in real life, but knitting a whole dress-worth of such fine yarn would be a nightmare. Also, incredibly expensive £7.25 x 28 I think! The magazine photos are even prettier. If someone wants to make me one, they're most welcome. Until then, I'll stick to my current WIPs i.e. Branching Out from Knitty and a request knit from Mr C(my DH)'s grandad - he wants something to keep his legs warm.

Knit your own digestive system here. I can confirm the pattern is anatomically correct!

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