Rowan 40

Checked out the new Rowan magazine today (No. 40) in John Lewis. Nothing really caught my eye except for this beauty:

It's a whole ball gown made of Kid Silk! I'm sure this must be absolutely beautiful in real life, but knitting a whole dress-worth of such fine yarn would be a nightmare. Also, incredibly expensive £7.25 x 28 I think! The magazine photos are even prettier. If someone wants to make me one, they're most welcome. Until then, I'll stick to my current WIPs i.e. Branching Out from Knitty and a request knit from Mr C(my DH)'s grandad - he wants something to keep his legs warm.


  1. mad as a cambridge bicycle said...
    what's wrong with her hair?
    Dawn said...
    I would have liked it better if they had a clearer picture. I got the mag in the mail, someone talked me into joining Rowan's memebership. I can't believe that anyone would take the time to make this dress...unless they do it in white for a wedding?? Maybe???
    Atia said...
    I totally agree, it's far too much like hard work. I've been thinking about getting Rowan membership, but I think I prefer to just flick through the magazines and decide which patterns I like - I don't think there's much in the new one I would buy.

    Oh and please link my blog! I will update it to death soon I promise.

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