We've been in New York for the past two days, and have mainly been spending time with our new scrumptiously fat little cousin and ticking off our many compulsory purchases while stateside. We all set out, baby cousin included, to Ellis Island but when we got off the metro it was pouring with rain. We spent most of the day with wet feet and our pictures were a bit on the dreary side, but it was still a bit surreal seeing the Great Symbol of freedom in person. In the end we wimpily opted out of further sightseeing for the comfort of new dry socks and went home.

My poor aunt has been inundated with parcels which I ordered while back at home. In fact I myself am a little overwhelmed by the vast amount of yarn I accumulated - it IS mainly knitpicks and thus bargain basement prices, but even so. You'll see what I mean soon. And tomorrow we are planning to visit Purl, who knows what excesses so great a temptation will lead to.

In unrelated news, I have no job and may end up in East Angular or some such place..most likely Gillingham in Kent, if I can persuade the deanery I must be within commuting distance of London. Which I do need to be, if Mr C and I are not to be torn asunder. The other options are unthinkable - Plymouth, Cornwall, Jersey and the Isle of Wight.


  1. mad as a cambridge bicycle said...
    oooh you blogged! by the sounds of things you lot have gone shopping mad..

    hope the job thing works out.. and to think you pooh-poohed bhabi's fears of landing up on the isle of wight! the medic system is just ridiculous.

    mad as a cambridge bicycle said...
    blog you!

    i've written nearly half my dissertation and counting! alhamdulillah :)


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