Finished: Rowan River shawl

Finished my Rowan River shawl in time to give my mother-in-law on Eid..unfortunately I had left one of the 7mm needles in Manchester last time I visited and had to wait for Jughead to bring it back to I had to catch up a week's worth of knitting in 2 days! I cast off, washed and blocked the shawl the night before, finishing at 3am..but it looked so much nicer once blocked it was worth it.

Pattern: Rowan Magazine 39 - River Shawl
Needles: 7mm

This pattern was easy enough to follow, but I kept ending up with the wrong number of stitches, which was very annoying. Not being a neurotic perfectionist (or anything like one) I just kept adding or subtracting stitches to get the right number again. I think I got away with it, as the pattern still showed through after blocking. However, a more complicated lace pattern would probably defeat me at this stage!
Here are some pictures:

Ray came over on Friday and we took him to see the Shaolin Monks show at the Peacock Theatre. Some of the stunts were incredible..walking on knives and doing handstands on two fingers..or should that be fingerstands..anyway, highly recommended. I think they've added on a few dates so there's still time to catch it before the season ends.

Yesterday we all went to Eid on the Square, which was a big gathering in Trafalgar Square. The turnout was excellent, and our very own Nazeel was the star performer. He did very well mashallah despite suffering from a cold. It was nice to see his backing singers as well, all familiar faces from Manchester :) Afterwards we had all the blogging world over, including Pink, Dazey, Giddy A, Dentist and Routed! Along with their associated husbands and brothers. Was great to have everyone over finally, after two years of marriage!

Jughead and Cow have discovered the lovely Wool shop in Stockport, I am incredibly jealous of their LYS the lucky things...but I think more yarn is the last thing I need right now anyway :)


  1. Giddy a said...
    Thanks for yesterday, it was such a nice day and very nice to see you! Food was great as was the company :)

    tails of a mad cow said...
    oooh it looks great!! Did Mrs C snr like it then?

    I'm very jealous about the dinner you guys had w/o us, but going to the wool shop made up for it slightly - it's GREAT! and we got 10% discount on sale items - I bought 3 balls of merino wool for less than £5! :O

    Anyway, look forward to seeing you on the 10th.



    p.s. - the monk thing looks freaky, the guy on the homepage looks like a pretzel.
    Designer Dentist said...
    yeah the shwal was really pretty....thinking i mayneed to take up knitting as well :)...and thanks for sat..both me and the hubby had a great was great, as was was like being in manchester with everyone..sigh!...
    The Baji said...
    Ooh salam :-) your wee sister showed me your blog at uni yesterday, I loved the bag-thing! She's promised to lend me some knitting needles so I can become a knitting monster. I've decided I'm going to knit a CARPET. Wuhoo!
    Atia said...
    lol @ knitting a carpet! although i did see a very cool knitted rug pattern come to think of it
    Atia said...
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