First knitting meeting!

Thanks everyone who came on Wednesday, it was really good fun :) I don't think there was a lot of teaching going on what with all the cameras flashing continously though..

I got there about 5 minutes late - the journey from the hospital is horrendous, but when I went upstairs (it was held in Barakah near Brick Lane) there was no-one there! But it was ok, it's just that everyone was late as usual. People did trickle in one by one, and eventually we had seven around the table, all set up with needles and wool ready to knit. Dazey, Pink and Eco had all done some already, but we had a complete beginner there (not sure if I should mention by name so I won't) and we were attempting to teach - I forgot how hard it can be to get the hang of it at first :)

Barakah does really good smoothies, and altogether it's a really good venue for the meeting, especially as Thursday evening they have a tafsir class at LMC which Mr C plans to start going to, so I can go home with him. I'm not sure whether we should make it a weekly thing or fortnightly, because I'm also doing the Ibn Jabal arabic class at SOAS on Thursdays. Unfortunately I've forgotten all my grammar so look like a complete dunce in the class :s but hopefully some revision will sort that out.

Off to South Africa tomorrow! I have been abusing the goodwill of my team at work and gone home early the last couple of days but haven't packed properly yet so am planning to disappear yet again. One of our Outreach nurses is South African and she gave me some tips for places to go. I'm a bit concerned about the whole safety aspect and am taking the (slightly paranoid) precaution of taking my own cannulas and needles! Maybe I should take a giving set and some fluids too to leave in the car...

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  1. mad as a cambridge bicycle said...
    hey where are yeh? stay in touch man - don't like them bullets

    wassalam x

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