Projects and plans for 2007

This year I decided to make a list of all the things I aim to do during the year.
1. Arabic - I'm doing the Ibn Jabal Intermediate course at SOAS and have forgotten everything I have ever learned, so look like an absolute dunce in the class. Which is very embarrasing, as the teacher is my cousin's brother-in-law. Besides which, I'm always incredibly tired after work so am struggling to stay awake during the lesson. I'm planning to catch up before class starts again next week, and actually gain something from the teaching for the second half of the course!

2. Embroidery - my City and Guilds course, which I started with such enthusiasm, has fallen by the wayside somewhat, so I really need to concentrate and get the first few chapters done so I can get to the actual embroidery part. I am also hampered by having a very basic plasticky sewing machine which won't do anything I want it to (and it's not me because I was doing fine on the weekend course I did at City Lit a few weeks ago) I really want this Bernina machine although it is really just a jumped-up school sewing machine, so I am loath to spend that much money on it (£425!).

3. Cooking - I have a vast cookbook collection, and love all of them like brothers, but never seem to get round to the actual cooking part, apart from the odd cake now and then when we have relatives over. So I plan to start cooking more regularly and learning all the old bengali favourites like biryani etc, as well as cooking from all the amazing books I have, like the Wagamama cookbook, Arabesque and Mangoes and Curry leaves (which is the most beautiful recipe book ever by the way)

4. Knitting
Specifically, I plan to make the following:

This lovely wrapover cardigan from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2006. I would have made it in the colours they suggested but I can't find them, so maybe a more practical grey and plum or something.
Gemma, from one of the Rowan magazines. I am making it in black Rowan Calmer and a dull mauve 4ply cotton called Ardour, just because a nice Ebay seller included a ball as a freebie when she sent me the stuff I bought, and I only needed to buy three more :)

Cherry by Amelia of My Fashionable Life. I'm going to make it in Debbie Bliss Cathay in a nice silvery grey, although I've seen a really pretty version in purple as well.
Birch Shawl - another Rowan pattern. I will be making it in KSH in Smoke, which is a medium grey. This version is by Sweetgeorgia

Forecast from Knitty. I joined the knitalong - my first one! I'm doing mine in a forest green. I love this pattern - I will be making this next as soon as I have finished the Louisa Harding Cable cardigan I'm making.

I'm planning a lot of other things too, including Jaywalker socks, gloves, the anthropologie inspired capelet, the Stitch Diva Simple Knitted bodice and a Leaf Lace Shawl but we'll see how I get on. I should mention I already have yarn for all of the above except the wrapover cardigan! So no more yarn for me for a while.

5. Crochet - at least learn how and make a few simple things. I'd love to make Short and Sweet from SnB Happy Hooker but it's probably ambitious at the moment. I did learn how to do shell stitch the other day which I'm quite proud of so maybe it's not all hopeless.

6. Health - I used my juicer for the first time yesterday! It's been sitting around for weeks - it all seemed too daunting. But the juice was good and I ate more fruit than I usually get down me in a week, so I'm planning to keep up with it. Probably not in the mornings though, as it took me forty minutes to prepare the fruit, juice it all and then clean everything up again! I should start doing some exercise too..going to see Swan Lake has inspired me to find my New York City Ballet again :)


  1. mad as a cambridge bicycle said...
    oooh i love the first cardigan!! but it won't be the same if u don't do it in those colours...
    Anonymous said...
    Hi! In case you haven't checked back there, I've left a reply on the Forecast KAL about the chart. I hope it helps.

    By the way, I have that Cherry pattern too, but I've been too daunted about starting it!
    warm as toast said...
    yay i'm so proud i can cast on for forecast and butterfly now- thanks for providing!
    Atia said...
    thanks Alice, I replied to your comment :)

    When I get round to starting Cherry I'll drop by your blog and let you know

    and by the way Jug I can give you circulars now! But you have to come and visit again

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