I've decided to reinstate the blog - according to my stats I still get visitors every day, and now that I'm knitting again, I thought I may as well start posting again! Things have changed quite a bit in the year since I last blogged - I've become a mum (the little tyke is asleep just now) and have moved back in with my mother-in-law for the year while I'm off work. I now spend most of my time washing/changing nappies, feeding the baby, knitting and going out for walks or shopping (occasionally with amusing results when the boy wakes up screaming in the middle of a shop).

Re: knitting, I for some reason lost my enthusiasm for it while I was pregnant, probably a combination of working hideous hours and being too tired, and back ache if I sat upright for too long. Besides which, nothing was gonna fit me anyway so there was no point in finishing things. So I am now finishing off projects that have been in hibernation for 6 months or more. Here is #1 - the Twinkle Best Friend Cardigan:
FO: Best Friend Cardigan from Big City Knits
Yarn: 2 skeins Cascade Magnum bought in NY
Needles: 15mm

As you can see, no buttons as yet. I did buy some online but the colour turned out to be royal blue and clashes horribly. It fits well, but the yarn was getting eaten up so fast I was worried I would run out, and so made the sleeves and collar a bit shorter. I also thought it looked better without the bobbles so left them out.

There were a few mistakes as people have pointed out (also in the Chelsea Sweater I started last week) but it is a fun quick knit and fits surprisingly well for something that looks so small. I'm going to buy the buttons at the K&S show in a couple of weeks and will take some photos.

Other UFOs which I am working my way through are Cherry, Clapotis,Thermal and the Cable Luxe Sweater.

1) Cherry - all done except for setting in sleeves and doing buttons. Still doesn't quite fit though, so may end up giving it to my sister (the erstwhile Bikey, who sadly no longer blogs)
2) Clapotis - a few more repeats (I want it really really long - its going to be gorgeous wen its done)
3) Thermal - the killer knit - what possessed me to make a jumper in sock weight yarn? Even so, its all done except for one measly sleeve, I've GOT to finish it after getting so far.
4) Cable Luxe Sweater - gorgeous pattern, gorgeous yarn. I'm using GGH Cumba, which is a really lightweight aran, very soft and light and warm. I knit the whole of the body, but tried to increase the size of the cables down the body - didn't work. As Jughead said, they just looked 'squirmy'. So ripped out the lot up to the yoke and started again - I've got 10" more to go I think but it looks so much better.

It's Ramadan so everyone around me is fasting, but its hard to get the spiritual benefits when you're not fasting and can't get to the mosque in the evenings. By next year he should be in a nice routine (asleep by 7.30!) so I can do more, but then again I'll be working which will be another challenge.

I'm going to blog about craft shopping in London - I've discovered a few gems while out and about. Also I'm starting a dressmaking course in October which is very exciting - not touched my sewing machine in 3 moonths and need a kickstart!

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  1. bkat said...
    I read your blog, so PLEASE DO keep up the writing about your knitting! I am a 59-year-old steady knitter in North Idaho, and I recall how hectic life was with a little person in the picture. I think that I quit knitting until my son was 6 (he is now 33). As the decades have passed, my knitting has waxed and waned. In the last two years, I have knit constantly (think six objects on various needles at the same time) and I am proud of my completion record. I am usually knitting for others, friends and family members. My love of fiber is ceaseless. So, as your time permits, keep sharing your stories!

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