FO: baby booties

I was positively yearning to make these baby booties from the first time I saw them in Baby Bloom by Erika Knight, which, by the way, is an excellent book for baby and maternity projects. I found some Patons DK cotton on sale at 75p in Knitwits in Penzance, and finished one booty (how do you spell it in the singular?) the night before we left Cornwall and the other in the car on the way home. They were a quick-ish knit, but a little bit fiddly with all the picking up of stitches. Also, weaving in all the ends and mattress stitching the booties up took almost as long as knitting them!

I think of all the things I have knit so far these seem impress non-knitters the most - now I just need someone to have a baby so I can give them away!

As you can see, they need a bit of pressing and I need to stitch buttons on, but otherwise they are ready to go.


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