A Productive Weekend Part I

My weekend started early, I made a quick exit from work (2pm! apparently all the patients were ill just after I left, but that was the SHO's problem) and met up with Jughead at Victoria. We then headed to Liberty, one of my favourite 'look-but-don't-buy' places in London:

Gorgeous roses and baby pumpkins at Paula Pryke Flowers

Then we found Designer Dentist and Pink and went back to Liberty for more browsing and inspiration. We went to the interiors section and all dreamed of the beautiful houses we will never be able to own at current market prices:

from top to bottom: flocked chandeliers (I couldn't take a better picture for fear of being ignominiously sent out on my ear); metallic lampshade; close-up (sideways) of metallic lampshade which in my fanciful way I imagine looks like mountains and sky and sand; the Christmas shop - just like Santa's grotto!;mohair lace scarf which Jughead plans to make.
After all this excitement, it was time for iftar. We met up with Dazey, and went on to Pizza Hut for some much-needed refuelling. A Muslim girl who was there with a friend offered us each a potato wedge from her plate to break our fasts, a great example of the kind of bond and generosity that Islam creates. We also happened to have a Muslim waiter, who told us we could go and pray Maghrib downstairs. As I have no other photos, here is Pink eating her cheesecake with a knife as the waiter wouldn't bring us any spoons:

Don't kill me, Pink!

It was really nice to meet up with everyone, especially Pink and Dentist as not seen either of them since the wedding! All seems to be going swimmingly in the Dentist household, I am so happy for them both :) and very jealous of Pink going off to Korea to buy everything in sight!

This concludes Part I, the photo uploading is doing me in...but Part II (the Knitting and Stitch Show post) is not to be missed...


  1. tails of a mad cow said...
    oh the christmas shop looks cool!

    Yeah, last weekend was so quiet! Just the four of us at home... Are you coming up for eid at all?
    Atia said...
    not sure if coming this weekend but am coming before south africa iA so will see you then

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