Some knitting updates

I have been doing lots of knitting, mainly on Mr C's Rowan Charley jumper which is a neverending nightmare - I mean I should have known that a man's jumper which takes 14 balls of wool to knit would be tedious in the extreme. It's looking ok, but close-up the stitches don't look very even so it looks a bit 'home-made' fact at one point I was thinking of ditching the whole thing and selling off the yarn on Ebay. But I am persevering and hoping it will turn out all right in the end, and if nothing else it will be a nice comfy jumper to wear around the house!

Here are some pictures:

This is about 3 balls of wool's worth of now half way through the fourth after as many weeks! I decided to knit in the round to avoid seaming so it feels like it is taking twice as long to make any progress.

Here is a close-up of the cable pattern down the middle, it looks better in the photo above but I think it's quite a cool pattern and is very easy to do.

Mr C's hat, made using a pattern from Stitch'n'Bitch by Debbie Stoller, a gift from the Cow . I made it with Rowan Big Wool and a stripe of Rowan Plaid, which I'm going to use to make a scarf as well. Excuse the less than flattering photo, and please be kind to my poor husband when commenting.

And finally Bikey's Rowan Eowyn erm..sleeves? They aren't really a definable item of clothing but they are very fluffy and pretty and warm. The cabling is v simple and I just changed the lace pattern on the sleeves as the one in the book (Rowan 38 I think) wasn't really working for me.

Modelled by the Elegant Bikey herself :) Apologies for the dodgy photos I am quite ashamed of mine after seeing Sweetgeorgia's pictures, they are well worth a look.

I have enough for another pair but will probably knit in the round to avoid seams..I have some 8mm dpns but they practically make me arthritic as the wool really drags on them so will have to see if i I can pick any up at Alexandra Palace next weekend.


  1. tails of a mad cow said...
    oh! I REALLY like those sleeves, they look so warm and fluffy!
    Pink said...
    u've bn blogging up a storm and i had no idea!!!!

    gosh, have jst quickly read thru all of them, hope all';s well - im off ot korea on sat - and no news of iftar from u yet!! huh. id b offended but i now understand how imposible it is to have a social life in this hellhole of a city.

    hope to see u before i go tho - how does tomorro sound?

    tc ws xXx

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