Snowscene at the tram stop yesterday

All of a sudden I'm half way through my house officer job and it's time for FY2 (foundation year 2) applications! In fact the deadline is next Thursday! It's complete nonsense though, e.g. one of the questions is give an example of when teamwork has broken down and what you have learned from the experience, and so on. I really don't see how this can be used to decide our futures, even for one year. I'm going to try and stay in London, even though supposedly I should be applying to darkest Kent and Sussex as I've already spent this year in London.

I failed a driving test last Monday. After HUNDREDS of lessons, I was convinced I would be fine on my test, even though I was actually more nervous than I usually am for exams. On the day, I did all my manoeuvres beautifully but got a couple of majors..erm by accidentally putting the car into reverse instead of first gear at the lights! I was hoping the examiner hadn't noticed a small thing like that, especially as it was only a second before I realised, but he was a real tough cookie. I've got another one coming up, so I hope I pass this time inshallah. Especially as my instructor charged me £75 for one lesson and use of her car during my test last time!

I cooked ebi chilli men from the Wagamama cookbook yesterday, and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out! Almost like the restaurant version, it could probably have done with more chilli though. I had a horror movie moment halfway, when I put the homemade chilli sauce in the blender, and hadn't sealed the top properly - not only was it very red, it was boiling hot, so I was painfully scalded (thankfully recovered now) AND had a huge mess to clear up! We were in Brighton last weekend and had a really nice thai meal and now I'm quite tempted to have a go at making a red curry, if I can find a decent recipe - any recommendations?

Also, I have just discovered Bloglines - I'm a bit late to the party but it is just brilliant! If you read more than 3 blogs regularly than it's definitely worth subscribing (it's free). You subscribe to all the feeds you're interested in and every time a new post appears on each blog you can read it in Bloglines.

PS My post about Forecast is here


  1. warm as toast said...
    isn't it also possible to set up an rss feed for your blog or smt? Ach it's so sad you didn't pass!
    Lindsey said...
    You've had a rough time of it lately! I hope your next driving test goes better.

    Also I was very interested to know there's a Wagamama cookbook--when I was at uni, I spent a semester living in London and many of us ate there all the time. I have missed some of those dishes since, so I need to go look for the book, I think!
    Atia said...
    Apparently blogger automatically creates feeds so you can just subscribe using the url - i'm not sure how it works really

    also lindsey the book is really good I definitely recommend it! I bought mine on Amazon and it comes with a dvd (I haven't watched it yet though)
    tails of a mad cow said...
    oh my bob! 75 squids for one lesson!?! That's disgusting!
    Nvm failing, you're practically perfect as just about everything, mA, but there has to be one thing your bad at :P.
    ws x
    tails of a mad cow said...
    ooh, i like the new look - well worth the hassle i think ;).
    I'll do my thing u tagged me on after i get this darn gag reflex presentation done...
    dazey said...
    ello chuckly
    most interesting, lol. ye i better get my one going...

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