Just spent several very frustrating hours trying to change my template over to a very swish new one I found..but it doesn't seem to like blogger beta very much! Makes me wish I hadn't switched over..I can't find a way of switching back so I'm a bit stuck.

Good news
- someone has posted on the Kidsilk-along blog!
- it's Friday and the hateful working week is over (although I'm going to be examining medical students tomorrow from 9am for a mock osce)
-I'm back to where I was on Forecast before I frogged it

Lindsey tagged me for a meme - also my first one :) So here are six weird things you didn't want to know about me:

1. I HAVE to have lipbalm with me wherever I go - if I forget it at home, I have to buy some, no matter what. Or resort to bizarre alternatives, which I won't go into.
2. Knitting (this is seriously weird in my world) People do a major double take when they see me knitting on the ward!
3. I am allergic to my alpaca cardigan (not knitted by myself sadly) - I couldn't work out why I was getting so wheezy all of a sudden until I took it off when I was out at dinner one night and recovered..but I still wear it anyway, it's lovely and warm
4.Speaking of which, I am always cold. In Winter I have to have 2 jumpers and a winter coat on at all times, and I keep the jumpers on indoors!
5. I had FIVE wedding receptions and 3 pre-wedding parties! Including the infamous pink-and-black party..
6. I read the Amityville Horror when I was seven, and every paranormal book I could find (I mean I knew about doppelgangers)

I think that is definitely enough to go on with.

I tag Pink, Cow, Jug, Mr C, Fudge and Dazey! (Although strictly speaking Mr C doesn't knit, but how else can I convince him to post?)


  1. Lindsey said...
    I thought our 3 wedding receptions were a bit much! :-) (We had them in 3 different countries, over a period of a few months, so it was actually quite fun!)
    Silvia said...
    Your sidebar will drop down if your posts and Pictures are to wide. If you slimm them it will come back up.
    Atia said...
    thanks silvia - i used a template and have no clue how to change those things..hopefully blogcrowds will help me out tho :)
    Anonymous said...
    If your titles or text is too long or pics are too wide it'll drop your side bar to the bottom of the page...

    Having jus refreshed your page...its because your column width on the main blog is too wide... (bit where u type). So change your template to html so its easier to work with, then go down and look for colum widths, and make the blog one smaller and the side bar one slightly wider.
    Anonymous said...
    Hope that helps inshaAllah ;)

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