Too much ambition

Any html/xml whizzes out there? I can't figure out why my sidebar drops down to the bottom of the page! And so much love and attention I put into creating all the buttons too. I've decided I like new Blogger after all - so much easier to add in page elements! I have the best brains over at Blogcrowds working on it, but any help in the meanwhile would be appreciated.

I failed another driving test. This time I got 18 faults! I honestly don't even know why - I thought it all went pretty well, and the one thing I thought he was going to fail me on he didn't mark me on. Anyway, I've decided that 2 crem forms = 1 driving test from now on, that way I feel a little bit better about it.

Also, anyone want to buy me a DSLR? I really really want one, now I've seen how beautiful everyone else's photos (on flickr) are! It's such a trial trying to get good at everything - knitting, crochet, sewing, driving and now photography..where will it end?


  1. jug said...
    lol poor gal- find some time to keep baking delicious cakes too! No one said becoming an accomplished lady was easy. Don't let your mastery of the modern languages or your musical side waste away either.. Being a doctor takes up too much of your valuable time ;) But at least it pays for your various pursuits
    genie said...
    I was reading this Girl's Guide to Gentility and it's not bad stuff on the whole..!
    Atia said...
    oh yes I keep planning to make the mexican mole muffins (i.e. chilli chocolate!) from my Green and Black's Chocolate Recipe Book but havent' got round to it yet..
    sleepy said...
    mmm chilli chocolate- are you coming up this weekend? you could make some for us!

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