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3mm needles ouch!

Rowan Butterfly cami - I've done one side, but haven't been working much on the other side, because I've been doing most of my knitting while travelling and the frill requires some serious concentration. I like this photo though - can you see the nice sparkly beads? It's not been blocked yet so it looks really small, but it will be pretty when it's finished. I saw a complete dress version in Downtown Yarns - I thought the KSH might be too hairy but it was gorgeous!

Best Friend Cardigan from Big City Knits by Twinkle designer Wenlan Chia: This is a super quick knit (especially in comparison to Thermal!). The yarn is Lamb's Pride Burly Spun which is quite nice and soft, but because it's a single ply I think it might end up quite pilly. Mr C hates the colour, which is called 'lemon drop' so this could be a nice cozy gift (Jug?) for someone. I'm making the medium, without bobbles and so far it seems straightforward. The size is actually fine (i'm a US4-6/UK 10) and I could probably have got away with the small size. Some people have said they're confused about which side the buttonhole should be on. Mine are on the right but then so are the ones on most of my cardigans so I'm quite happy to leave it as it is.

The photos below are from one day's knitting only!


  1. knitlit kate said...
    your butterfly looks awesome! and i totally know what ya mean about the concentration level...i needed total silence when i worked on mine! too bad you had to frog the BFC. i just finished the body on mine (in the twinkle soft chunky, also yellow). just the sleeves to go.
    Atia said...
    thanks kate :) i've just finished the second frill so it should be quick from here (fingers crossed) I like the new version of my BFC better anyway but haven't got very far yet!
    genie said...
    not bad progress dude. I did the whole coquette tube top in like 3 days and now i have to redo it smaller cause it went huge when i tried to block it.. it's ok though cause i had to skimp on the ribbing last time for lack of yarn

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