Go Bangladesh! Who knew they would cause such a stir?


PS just went to see Amazing Grace with Mr C - a slightly schmaltzy view of Britain's role in abolishing the slave trade but fairly educational nonetheless.


  1. Pink said...
    hello jaan (havent called u that in a long time, looks funny now...)

    seems like ages since i spoke to u, apart from ur frantic blank card requests - what u upto? i went to this muslimaat bazaar thing, i was meant to teach knitting, but ended up learning how to crochet from one of the women there! so cool, and So much faster than knitting!

    me n lubz were thinking we should start a crochet club - tho for some reason it doesnt sound as cool as knitting - altho in reality they're both such old fogie things anyway!

    have u confirmed ur place in that middle of nowhere kent place then?

    anyway, hope all's well - u shud sort out ur facebook profile!

    tc, ws xXx
    genie said...
    slimey it'll sound cool if you call yourselves happy hookers! :p
    boroapu i finished the coquette lace top from fitted knits- i'll send you a photo. She totally lied about the yardage though- i didn't nearly have enough. I'm starting the stitch diva pattern now- hopefully i won't run short again- i'm pretty sure i won't..
    peanut said...
    huh i didn't realise i'd read this before- anyhow it's always a good time helping you destash

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