New beginnings

Blogging was becoming a bit of a chore so I decided to leave it for a few weeks, and work on Thermal instead. I've also been busy with buying a sweet little flat in Rochester (little really is the word) and then dreaming up ways of making it cool in the style of the flats in this competition. Mr C is being rather damping of my pretentions however, reminding me of unwelcome budget considerations, and the unwisdom of investing lots of money in a flat we will leave in just one year. In the intervening five weeks before we get keys, I have to find ways of getting rid of all the clutter that's gathered over the past two years, as well as getting rid of quite a lot of stash, as there is simply nowhere for it to go in the flat.

Rochester, where we'll be living, is an amazing spot. It completely reconciled me to working in Gillingham, which is frankly a Hole. From our window, by craning your neck you can see the tops of both the cathedral and the castle - admittedly the view is obstructed by a block of flats but what does that matter? Its only five minutes to the high street, which has an absolute glut of secondhand/curiosity shops, restaurants (nearly all of which are bangladeshi/indian, surprisingly) and beautiful old buildings. It would have been nice to have a garden, and to not lug shopping up three flights of stairs, but I'm sure we'll find a way of managing.

I'm now working in surgery - and am surprised to find that I quite enjoy going to theatre. I've only seen two operations so far, but got to assist both times (in a fairly minor way) which was good fun. Maybe I should set my sights a bit higher than the Little GP Practice on the Prairie after all?


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