I'm on call this afternoon..so far things are very quiet so I'm just hanging out in the mess waiting for something to happen. Jug, Cow and I went to see a recording of QI - the quiz show they have been raving about. Due to an unfortunate anomaly (they tell me) the panel made a lot of off colour jokes, but it was overall a Quite Interesting experience :) Completely different from the 'It's My Life' recording Fudge and a few other fellow mancunians participated in a few years back.

Forgot to say that before we went in, everyone had their bags checked in the queue. All was well until the security folks spotted Cow's ginormous and evil-looking metal knitting needles, at which point all three of us had to surrender all our knitting paraphernalia, as well as the boxed up yarn swift and ball winder they got me for my birthday. The two in combination, by the way, are the best and most clever inventions ever..so simple yet so effective.

I'm going up to Manchester at the weekend - its going to be a busy one - a uni reunion, a visit to Ilva to check out the hype, people coming over and what promises to be a fun night at Pink's, especially for all the young folk. I get to wear my new superstar black sari :)


  1. hema said...
    just wanted to ask permission to link your blog to mine? don't feel obligated to say yes, i'll understand if you don't want me to.
    Atia said...
    wassalam of course! at first i thought you were my friend hema from school but I see now that you are an entirely different person.
    hema said...
    hema is just my nickname:)
    my sister was a year below you doing medicine at manchester though. she also likes to knit, so is a big fan of your blog!
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