Decorating the flat

I have yet again taken a long leave of absence, mainly because I usually come home from work totally shattered and am not really prepared to apply myself to anything too strenuous. Also, as Mr C will testify, I have become obsessive about interior decorating, and finding things for the flat. I collected some photos in a file (some of which follow) but am frustratingly very limited by lack of space/money and is it really worth all the effort if we're moving in a year? I'm not really sure. But as this may be the only year Mr C and I have living alone, we may as well make the most of it.

We don't have a great solicitor and she's really dragged her feet all the way through, which is why the earliest we'll move is next week. That gives us 3 weeks to get everything ready before we move in! You're all welcome to pitch in! (Jug/Cow - you don't really have a choice in this)

Also congratulations to Bikey for graduating this year! After 3 years (and a year abroad) filled with delightful escapades she finally emerges from the cocoon that is Cambridge. I'm going down this weekend for the garden party and will also meet up with a good friend of mine whose sister just happens to be graduating from the same college. And there's also Esma's wedding to look forward to Sunday - should be fantastic, especially as most of the old uni guard will be coming! Fun!

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  1. genie said...
    whoo your taking a break? I may come back to london with you after mij's graduation. one of my Bosnian friends is coming over on the 1st to study for a month in london- it'd be nice if she could meet you maybe..Anyway I don't think i'm going to Egypt now- maybe Syria in wnter instead. So i can totally help do up the flat

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