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Ravelry is a fantastic concept. The very act of documenting all your projects (finished, unfinished, hibernating etc) and the horror that is the stash makes you look full in the face of your crazy obsession and actually take stock to some extent.

For example, I added my Lotus Blossom Tank to My Projects. I spent much of our South Africa trip knitting the thing, and it drove me mad. (And Mr C, he had to keep chanting 'Look up! Look up!' in the car so that I'd actually take in the scenery) I knitted and frogged the first few rows at least 3 times - because I kept twisting it. Then the lace stitch got me. But eventually, I got the hang of it, and it fit, and I finished the knitting part. But then, I couldn't really work out how to seam the arms up without messing the whole thing up, so I just left it. Ravelry made me realise I was being dumb. And so I finished it! After 6 months, it just took 2 days to complete. Here is the FO (and I even wore it to work yesterday):

Knit using South West Trading Company Bamboo, which is my least favourite yarn, I think. It was rough and made my fingers horribly sore after a few days of knitting. It does drape nicely after washing, but is still not beautiful and glossy, like some other bamboo yarns I have seen. Shame really, as I have a whole ball left.

In Spain, I knit my first Pomatomus. The pattern is easy to memorise (with a bit of checking the chart) and it was so MUCH easier to knit with bamboo dpns than the metal knitpicks ones! I'm using the metal ones for the interminable thermal sleeve and they keep slipping out, and you have to grip them to stop them falling out of the stitch as you knit and they are so painfully pointy....on the other hand the takumi needles are very comfortable, strong and have a nice point without stabbing you as you knit. Commiserations to Jughead for losing her Pomatomus, thus forfeiting the competition we were having for the fastest Poms.


  1. peanut said...
    yay finally i'm rewarded for keeping your blog on my must-click list.. Wow miracle you finally did the lotus blossom finishing- did your colleagues admire it?
    I'm so sad I'm still a hundred miles down on the Ravelry waiting list. Finally made a Jayne hat though
    LauraB said...
    Wow you travel AND knit? Sounds like you have a great life :) I think you have the right idea with the white walls and turquoise sofa from Designers Guild, and oak furniture. I'm not sure what other pieces you're in the market for, but I love the idea of softer red accent pieces with the turquoise, kind of like the images on the DG website. I don't think other wood would look bad thrown into the mix either, as long as it wasn't TOO dark. Not sure if that helps at all, just what I envision with the sofa. Hope you're enjoying it!
    ecowarrioress said...
    hi sorry to bother u atia, just wondering if u woulldnt mind helping me raise money for islamic relief? how are you anyway, good i hope. ok bye.
    Maxima said...
    Good for people to know.

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