FO: Butterfly

Pattern: Rowan Butterfly (short version)

Book: Rowan 37

Yarn: Kidsilk Haze in Smoke

Pattern notes: I knit thesecond smallest size, and threaded size 9/0 beads (I think) on to the yarn before I started. I didn't bother with provisionally casting on and then grafting the sides of the edging, but it would probably have been better to have had an extra stocking stitch on either end to make it easier to sew up, as other people have observed.

It fits pretty well after blocking, but after seeing everyone else's Butterflies I'd probably like to knit one in a burgundy non-mohair lace without beads.

Not much else to say that's not been said already, it's a lovely pattern and not really too hard (saying that, it took me three attempts to get the edging right!). I didn't touch it for a couple of months after knitting half of the second side, but picked it up again weekend before last to finish it in time for Jug's Knitsoc stall at the Freshers' Fair. I didn't quite get it done, but it gave me the last push I needed. I still have two straps to do before I can say it's really finished.


  1. fudgebumpkin said...
    It looks itchy.
    Atia said...'s not itchy it's 30% silk! I must pop along to your blog one of these days not read it in a while..
    fudgebumpkin said...
    Don't bother. I ain't updated it in ages!

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