I'm heading for a seriously stressful weekend - 3 days on call on an empty stomach! I was on yesterday as well, and while fasting wasn't too much of a problem, it does tend to make me a bit more intolerant of the usual ridiculous referrals to orthopaedics without x-rays, bloods or even a proper clerking by A&E. I even went to the great lengths (for me) of berating an A&E Middle Grade for sending me a patient that needed a cannula put in, which the nurses refused to do. On the other hand, I saw the sweetest old lady yesterday, and when I left she insisted on giving me a kiss on the cheek!

I am also the proud recipient of my first IRIS form - I'm not sure what it stands for, but it's basically an incident reporting form, which is used to report accidents and near-misses. My crime was just that I didn't answer my bleep twice, to put up a drip in a patient who couldn't drink and hadn't had any fluid the whole weekend. Instead of calling someone over the weekend, they had left it until Monday afternoon to be sorted out. The whole thing is a bit complicated and involved, but I think I have managed to prove myself innocent after all, so it should be ok.

Jug and I didn't blog about the Knitting and Stitch Show in Birmingham - that could be because it was a sad disappointment to us. We made the pilgrimage from Manchester only to find a fairly meagre selection of yarn shops and most of those the hippy handspun itchy wool or even worse, squeaky acrylic variety, so we mainly interested ourselves in the workshops. Despite owning a vintage Bernina, I haven't managed to use my vast supplies of embroidery materials yet so regretfully didn't end up buying much at all. I may get a chance to visit the London show instead, which is (from last year's experience) another show altogether. We did see some incredible felted art by Jeanette Appleton (who was very nice to us) - she makes lovely huge abstract landscapes by building up layers of felt in different colours.

On that note, I bought a painting for my flat. i'm not really a pot-of-flowers kind of girl, so I got something a bit more abstract. Unfortunately, Mr C is not at all keen on it. What do you think?


  1. jane222 said...
    I really like the picture. It looks like a wonderful place.
    Anonymous said...
    I like the picture. It looks better in real life.


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